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Bringing you useful tools and articles that will help the Tech Expert today. Scripts that make life easier, tools to improve your day to day experience and ideas to automate those tedious tasks.

The articles will be varied, but will be focused on Network Security and Network Support, but will extend to Cloud infrastructure and other IT related topics.

For the Home User we will soon bring you tools to help with your Internet experience and other ideas to help the everyday Internet User to simplify their Internet experience.

Please join us on this experience, suggest articles you would like to see, and let me know of tools you would like to have! Please drop me a comment below.

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Brett Gardner is a Network Security Specialist with 20+ years networking experience and has worked with top Australian tech companies, at times working with major accounts such as Qantas, Jetstar, Woolworths, Telstra and IBM.  Primarily supporting security & proxy infrastructure, with a focus on build, management, cyber defense, and automation, but also experienced in managing security audits, implementing compliance strategies, and performing compliance mitigation, and cyber defense consultation.   With a SOC, Automation and workflow improvements to improve team efficiency and dynamics. Able to support project deliverable’s and day-to-day activities for security operations.  Experienced in lab testing, production upgrades/migrations and also rectifying incidents and problems within the customer network with the ability to analyse complex issues (hardware / application / network) from the PC to the server.

Business Name: Clarisyte – Australian Business Number (ABN): 24592197866

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